Welcome. Thanks for passing by. I don’t know how you came accross my page, but whether it was an accidental hit or a deliberate click, I’m glad we have an opportunity to meet in this virtual space.

It feels strange, I have to say, to scribble this introductory remark. For many years I have written and contemplated about the many things I have yet to write, but recently I find that I am eager to translate my thoughts to the web. To make them real outside my imagination. To create a visible reminder for myself that my biggest dream can already become a partial reality.

When I decided to start writing in English, I not only set myself an insane challenge, but I also experienced a shift in how I felt about my abilities. I expected to feel less certain about my capacity to string together sentences in a satisfactory fashion. Weirdly, the opposite happened. The fact I know that I will forever be less fluent in English than in my mother tongue has caused me to feel less shackled by my self-inflicted perfectionism.

It’s a choice that has made me feel so very free. That freedom has reignited my desire to dream and write and write and write. Hopefully I will be able to use this small space to copy down what’s on my mind and to share short stories and other miscellaneous musings. Hopefully you will be there to read… One may always dream.



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